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I don't know what will this post about. But yeah, I'll start to write something to cover up that I don't have any real content here. So I'll tell you about my life now. It's pretty busy, even if I don't have any formal work now.

Why is that?

Because I try to do many thing at once, and nothing is finished. So, if you see my profile, you can tell that I'm a jack of all trades.

Is it a good idea to be a jack of all trades?

No idea. But so far, I pretty like it. My mind just can't focus in one thing, when I do something, even that thing is my hobby, my mind just says that something else seems more interesting. And when I do that something else, my mind says that that other thing seems more interesting.

And the loop keeps happening.

If we can make an analogy, my mind just want to work in Breadth-First Search mode. It's pretty slow to finish one branch of the project, but I will try all the possibility.

So what am I doing now?

  • maintaining this website for one 😢
  • organizing some event
  • making new video for my new youtube channel
  • helping my friend's shooting
  • doing some freelancing stuff (VFX stuff)
  • attending wedding (oh my god... it makes me self-conscious 😢)
  • building my own bussiness

Yeah... seven at a time...

What I really want is... I just want to finish my next video for my youtube channel. And building my own bussiness, try some stuff.

And maybe you wonder why I update my website now. Because I got distracted... I should continue my video now...

Ok then... this post becomes weird...

So yeah...